High Ability

High Ability Education Westville Schools

Our mission is to find all students with high abilities and provide advanced curriculum and instruction.

Westville Schools has 5 teachers and 1 administrator with their High Ability Licensures.

The identification process used to identify our high ability students, is as follows: 
CoGat Cognitive Test scores (Grades Kindergarten, 2nd and 5th)
NWEA scores (Grades K-6)
Star Reader Assessment data (Grades 3rd-6th) 
Teacher recommendation (Grades K-6th)
SAGES: Screening Assessments for Gifted Elementary & Middle school Students (K-6 As needed)

Programs for High Ability Students:
Each teacher works to differentiate their instruction within their classroom using this data. In grades 3rd-6th, students are grouped into their current levels for 30-45 minutes daily. 

Depending upon High Ability funding, additional enrichment opportunities provided to our identified High Ability students include:
“Westville Reads” book clubs for 3rd-6th grade students
“Name That Book Competition” for 6th grade students
“Brain Boosters” for 1st-3rd grade students
“Challenger Space Mission”  for 5th and 6th grade students.
“Maker’s Space” for 3rd-4th students
“Science Olympiad” for 6th grade students (through High School)