A.R. Program

What is the Accelerated Reader Program?

Accelerated Reader is a reading incentive program where students select and read books, which have a computer based comprehension test for students to take when they finish reading. Each AR book has an assigned point value based on the number of words it contains and its reading difficulty.

How will the Reading Wall of Fame program work??

Kindergarten through second grade students with their teacher's help select books that they might read by themselves, may be read to them at school, or might be read to them at home by their parents. Third through sixth grade teachers have all given their students a diagnostic reading test called "Star Reader." This test helps your child's teacher determine what reading level is the most advantageous for your child to select books from as a means to steadily improve their reading ability. Using this information teachers have made each of their students aware of the Accelerated Reader books, which correspond with their particular reading level. Your child is encouraged to read Accelerated Reader Books, which are located in each classroom as well as the school's media center and the town's Public Library. A complete list of all the A.R. quizzes available for your child may be found using the link found on the elementary home web page.

When your child finishes an Accelerated Reader book they may, if they choose, take a short computer based multiple-choice comprehension test on their classroom computer. (Kindergarten and first grade students will have the choice to have this computer quiz read to them or if they are able they may read the quiz by themselves.) These tests may have 5, 10, or 20 questions depending on the length and difficulty of the book. If the student passes this test they receive the number of points that was assigned to that book. These points will then be compiled through-out the school year for each participating student and will be used to determine the various levels of recognition your child will achieve on our Reading Wall of Fame bulletin board. This bulletin board display will be located in the elementary hallway by the library. Based on student point standings the following levels of recognition will be used:

Points Needed: Bronze - Silver - Gold
Kindergarten: 15 30 45
First Grade: 25 40 55
Second Grade: 35 50 65
Third Grade: 45 60 75
Fourth Grade: 55 70 85
Fifth Grade: 65 80 95
Sixth Grade: 75 90 105

In addition to these categories we will also have a special recognition for those students who reach the 200 point level and the student from each grade level with the most overall points for the current school year.

How will students be recognized???

When students reach any of the above point levels they will have their name announced during school announcements and also have their name and picture displayed on our Reading Wall of Fame.

In May, there will be a special recognition night for all of the students listed on this Wall of Fame. Each of these students will receive an award, which recognizes their level of achievement in reading for this school year.

The overall success of this program is determined by the amount of support and encouragement you as a parent and your child's teacher provide. While it is important to stress that this program is totally voluntary, it is a proven fact that the more a child is read to and reads on their own the better reader and overall student they become. As a P.T.O. it is our hope and goal that this program will support and encourage our children to become better readers.